About Us

We are a boutique recruitment firm based out of Dubai, with a presence in UAE and India. Our India office is based in Mumbai. Our team comprises experienced individuals from the recruitment industry having hands-on knowledge of recruitment in the Middle East.

We are a team of highly passionate, experienced & well-connected Recruiters. We understand the dynamics of recruitment in the U.A.E & MENA region very well.  At Jasper Middle East we believe in quality and client satisfaction. We offer recruitment services to a diverse range of clients in the Finance, Hospitality, IT, Retail, Engineering, Real Estate and E-commerce industries. We have also helped some start-ups to set up their core team. We take care of the entire recruitment process from searching for the right candidates till they join the company.

While working with us your company can focus & spend more time developing strategies & policies while our recruiters search to find the most talented candidates available in the market for you.



For our Clients

We understand the importance of hiring the right candidate for a position. The right candidate or employee can help your company grow faster. The key is to match the skills of the candidate with the needs of your organisation. When the skills of the candidate and the needs of your organisation align then it’s the perfect match and that’s what we thrive to achieve at Jasper Middle East

For our Candidates

We understand that it’s very daunting to search for a new job, a job that not only gives you growth in your career but is also a stepping stone to the next higher level in your career. The routine of going through various rounds of interviews and not being clear on what exactly is your employer looking for or if the job you are applying for matches your skills and needs. So, our mission is to make this intimidating task a breeze walk for you and to hold your hand at every step till you get your dream job.